Thursday, October 22, 2020

{Recipes} Taco Casserole

Anything that resembles a taco or burrito is always a big hit at our dinner table.  I made this partially on the stove and then put it in the oven to finish up. This can be made completely on the stove as a "One Pot Wonder". 


3 lb ground beef (I bought mine at Kroger this week on sale for $7.47; that's $2.49/lb!)

 15 oz can of Black Beans (.69 @ Winco; had from previous shopping trip)

2 Roma Tomatoes, diced. (.88/lb)

4 oz Preshredded Lettuce ($1.69 for 8oz bag; I only used about 1/2 of the bag)

4.5 oz Kroger Sliced Olives ($1.50 for 2.25 oz; $3.00)

8 oz Nacho and Taco Blend Shredded Cheese ($2.69)


1) Turn oven on to preheat to 400 degrees.

2) Brown hamburger on stove in a large skillet, drain.

3) Add Taco/Fajita or Burrito Seasoning* of choice and 15 oz can of Black Beans into skillet with hamburger. Continue to heat up for approximately 3-5 minutes.

4) While hamburger is browning, dice up the 2 tomatoes, set aside.

5) Once the hamburger, beans and seasoning is ready, pour into a 13x9 casserole dish.

6) Spread layer of cheese on top of hamburger.

7) Cook in oven for approximate 5 minutes to allow the cheese to fully melt.

8) Remove from oven, spread a layer of lettuce on top of cheese, spread layer of diced tomotoes and olives on top of lettuce. Add another layer of cheese, if you really like cheese like us. 

9) Cook in oven for another 5 minutes.

10) Remove from oven and serve! 

Add a dollop of sour cream* and/or roll into a tortilla ($2.69)

Total Dinner Cost: $18.26 (includes tortillas even though we only used 2). 

Serves 8. 

$2.28 per serving. (We have tons of left over so I will be using this for lunch tomorrow)

*I did not include cost of seasoning or sour cream in total dinner cost since I have a large containers of both on hand and did not purchase specifically for this dinner.

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