Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 1

Today is Day 1.

Effective today I decided I am no longer going to be a pop addict. 

I will not be buying pop for home or work.

I found that as of late, I, as well as my family, have been drinking way too much pop. 

I may occasionally have it when we are out to eat but that even might change too.

I just don't want it in the house nor around me (or family) on a regular basis.

Too much sugar.

Not even diet pop.

Too many empty calories.

I will still have caffeine (I said I was a pop addict but I am not crazy!)  I will just drink it in the form of coffee, occasionally.

Please hold me accountable, check in with me periodically.  I need support.  The only time I have ever given up pop, for the most part is when I was pregnant with my 4 children.

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No longer a Pepper

It will not be easy.

Mmmm....I love water....To be continued.


  1. It is not easy. I was a huge Mountain Dew drinker and with a struggle I gave it up.

  2. You can do it Jennifer. I gave up pop 30 days ago. I have been drinking flavored tea with no sugar and have found that I actually like peach tea with out sugar and that it taste better than before. You can also get caffinated tea to. I found that after a few days of water that I was getting bored with it and that is when I found tea.


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