Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Parting Ways Part 2

Life is too short. 

My daughter is what ultimately made me decide it was time to move on and part ways.

I could not consciously have him be part of my life after what had transpired in the last couple days.

Even though he supported me through thick and thin he became almost an addiction over the years.

I remember that first summer, I would even call it an obsession of ours; my brother and I's.

We spent almost every day with him, day in and day out. 

But it was time to say good bye to our old friend.....

We ate David's by the barrel that summer to the point that our mouths were raw.

Our mother made us eat unsalted ones for a couple days because of that. 

Those were gross!

Through the years most everyone in our family picked up on the habit, too. 

We ate David's not just during the summer baseball months like many people do, but year round. 

He was our go to snack as we were "vegging" out watching a movie, tv show, just relaxing, etc...

But this past week a few shells fell onto the floor unbeknown to us and our daughter Kaylyn ingested a sunflower seed shell. 

It got lodged in her airway and she could barely breath. 

She had to have surgery and had some complications. 

We were in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for 3 days.

She is alive and well as I type this and I thank my lucky stars (and God of course).

But I can't shake that it could have ended much worse than it did.    

My daughter is way more important than you.

No longer will I allow you in our house at the risk of one falling on the floor and having her swallow you again. 

I am not taking any chances.

David the time has come.

It is time to go our separate ways.

I hope you understand.


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