Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Beach Bound

We took off to the beach a couple Sundays ago as a final summer hurrah!   Just for the day, on a whim.  We don't typically do stuff like that so spontaneously but figured what the heck.  It was such a glorious day in Portland and knew that it was going to be equally as glorious at the beach about 2 hours west.  And it was! 


Here are some pictures from our day trip.

After the Seaside Aquarium we went to lunch and the arcade.  Fun times!

We played this game, I swear a thousand times.  No joke. 

You know the game, The Candy Crain.  Token after token after token...

For this.  Seriously !?&*%$
He did play a few other games to win *some* tickets.

And bought these.  Cute, huh?   You too can have these for a mere $20.00!
I know you want them. 


And then we headed back down to the beach.

To put our toes in the sand.

And our face (s). 

Mmmm, sand.

And no beach trip in Oregon is complete without a trip down Highway 101 S. to the Tillamook Cheese Factory for some *cheese* and ice cream.


Bubble Gum and German Choc Cake Ice Cream.  The German Choc Cake was to die for.  Ohh, how I *loved* thee and wish they sold it in stores.

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  1. I loved your about me page! You sound like a ton of fun :) Thanks for linking it up!


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