Wednesday, September 28, 2011

If Only "They" Told Me

….for the next 18 years I would not go to the bathroom alone; if they are not in the bathroom with me, they are banging on the door wondering when I will be done.

….I would never have another full nights sleep; for I am now such a light sleeper with one foot on the floor ready to jump up at any given sound.  They are just breathing!  That’s a good thing.

….I can survive on 3 hours of sleep (as long as coffee is involved).

…..I would always eat my food cold because the second I sit down to eat my meal it is inevitable that someone will need something…a glass of milk, another napkin, a clean fork because they just dropped theirs.

….my tatas will never be the same.  They will forever hang low.  Buy a good supportive bra and just deal with it.

….I will spend many a days vacuuming smashed up cheerios or cheese-its from my carpet.
….I will have more worry lines on my forehead than I can count but the laugh lines around my mouth are much more defined.

….getting out of the house on time with every one clean (including me) is like getting a bill passed in congress.  I will take on time if I had to choose which option.

…..that when my daughter was 14-16, we would not “like” each other very much but fast forward a few years and we are the best of friends

….the car, the kitchen, the bathroom…will never be clean.

Even if “They” had told me, I wouldn’t change having 4 healthy, beautiful, strong willed children for anything.  I would swim the ocean there and back for them.  They mean the world to me. They ARE the world to me.  They hold my heart in the palm of their hands. 

I love you Sweet Babe, T-man, Beanpole & KK. 

Have you hugged your kids and told them you love them today? 


  1. Great post - I have two teen girls who are hard to like at times but still somehow are still and forever be the loves of my life!
    I've Become My Mother

  2. Ironic really - even if we knew all that, we still wouldn't change a thing.

    Great post!

  3. A wonderful post that I agree with 100%! My brood may drive me to the edge of sanity some days, but I would never change that.


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