Thursday, September 29, 2011

You Know You...

Live in a house with several males when...

  • You randomly find underwear, boxers, briefs, in odd places.

  • They think it is the *norm* to drink out of the milk carton (I caught Hayden trying to do that just yesterday).

  • They make it known, loud & clear, that they lifted the seat when they went to the bathroom (yet often times don't flush)

  • There is toothpaste gunk in the bathroom sinks on most days (why is it so hard to spit, then rinse?)

  • We have air fresheners strategically placed throughout our house.

  • Utensils those are for special occasions.  (LOL)

  • Bed head is how they roll (who needs a comb or brush).
And last but not least....

  •  If it is football, basketball or baseball season (so pretty much 365 days /year) and the tv is on, it is on a game.
I hope Kaylyn learns to love sports as much as her dad and brothers otherwise, she is going to be odd women out.  I think our oldest daughter needs to move back home.  We need less testosterone and more estrogen in this house. 

Bring on HGTV!  Or better yet, how about a Lifetime movie?


  1. How about having to clean the bathroom multiple times a week if not a day because they forget how to aim? lol

  2. We joke with my BIL that we won't use his spaghetti fork. He likes to "pretnd" that it's a uh... scratcher. I stay away just in case.

  3. LOL! I feel like this and I just have one male, my husband!

  4. Oh my goodness....I too suffer from too much testosterone. Only...I don't have any girls. just 4 boys.


    And I totally agree with your list above. It holds true for me even now...and my oldest is ONLY 8!

    Too funny!


  5. My home is all men and I can relate to everything you wrote! Sometimes.......

  6. Those toothpaste globs make me crazy!!! LOL to the bedhead!


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