Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Do You See It?

See what you ask?

I saw this online a week or so ago and I guess never really paid much attention to these logos but look...

See the arrow between the E and X?

How bout the man on the bike here....

And this one...

Amazon offers items from A to Z.

And look the little men are having a party with some salsa and chips.

Funny how you (or maybe just me) have seen these logos a million times and don't necessarily see the little details such as these.


  1. I must be having a dumb day. It took me forever to see the stupid arrow in FedEx. I wasn't even looking t the right letters at first, I think it's time for bed!

  2. Wow! I miss the arrow on the FedEx too! Anyway..it's cheer me up and polished my rusted brain a bit when I finally see it!

  3. Wow this was really cool - never looked at them like that before (admittedly we don't see them as regularly in Australia)

  4. I do not see a man on a bike. I squinted and everything. Hehe.


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