Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Finds

I have a confession.

Pinterest is keeping me up at night.  I lay there and think about all the endless possibilities you can find on that one site.  So,so many things.

And so instead of continuing to lay there in the middle of the night, I get up and pin.  Ok, maybe I don't pin everything I see but I look at a lot of pins.

I am pin-obsessed. 

I drool over all the awesome recipes. Saying, "One day, I am going to try this" and then that one day comes and goes.

I ohhh and ahhhhh over the cutest craft ideas (that I will probably never ever make; I don't have but maybe a small crafty bone in my body; my pinky) but it is still a nice thought that someday. 

Someday I will be organized enough with my small children and they will be truly interested enough to do an actual craft (from beginning to end) that was something other than finger paint all over my table.  Or Q-tips strewn from one side of the house to another (yeah that was last night) AND we weren't even doing a craft, if that tells you something. 

But anyways, yes, I like Pinterest as do many million others.  I hear it is the second fastest growing social media site.  Who would have thunk?  I sure didn't when it was first released.  BUT I jumped on it quick though because EVERYONE was doing it and I am a follower you know (ha!).

Here are some recent Pinterest finds that I am going to do (or not) but I like them never the less.

Pinned Image
 With the Superbowl coming up quickly I thought this might
be a healthier alternative to the normal chip and dip fare.
Pinned Image
I really am going to do this sometime this weekend.
This is such a better alternative to crackers or chips.
And I love chickpeas!
Pinned Image
How cute are these for Easter!  So, so cute.
Ok, enough food.  (I think I might be hungry)
Pinned Image
I am dreaming of spring flowers
This would look great in my kitchen windowsill.
A little bit country.
Pinned Image
And my garden.  I can't wait. 
I am going to start my herbs
earlier this year and then transplant.
I have the perfect place for something like this to hang.
What are your favorite Pinterest categories? Found anything utterly exciting that you just had to try?  Did it work out?

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You can find me at notsuperwoman.

Hope you have a FANTABULOUS weekend!

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  1. I love the hanging herb garden. I'm going to have to steal that idea this spring. What a great way to save space and it's so cute!
    I'm getting addicted to Pinterest, too. Mostly, I've just been uploading the bad drawings from my blog, but it's so much fun to see all that's out there :)


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