Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We Interrupt My Normal Blog Post...

With something "possibly" as life changing as weight loss.  Of course it is Wednesday and I was supposed to have a Weigh In Wednesday post but let me just say this week has been by NO MEANS an ordinary week in my life.

I QUIT my job on Monday.  A job that I have held with the same company for 17 years.  17 years!  Now grant it I have a new job, not like I just up'd and left without another place to land HOWEVER it was still no easy task.  I have been given an opportunity that was just to good to pass up so I took the plunge, accepted the position and start at my new position on Feb 11th. 

I am EXCITED.  I am NERVOUS. I am ANXIOUS. a bundle of nerves, especially as I anticipated putting in my notice over this past weekend.  So many things have been going through my mind the last couple days, like the "what ifs." 

:::What if this wasn't the right decision? 

:::What if the company that I go to work for is more unstable or cattywhompass than the company I am leaving?

:::What if the company I am going to work for is sold to another big conglomerate (there has been lots of mergers in my industry) and I don't get "sold" with it?

Ohh my goodness my head has been spinning.

There is something to be said for knowing the ropes, heck, designing the ropes since I came into the company when is was only a few years old and being at the top...and now, to start all over again, after 17 years at a new company.  It is nice that I won't necessarily be low man on totem pole because I am going in at a much higher level than entry level and there is lots of room for growth but still I am the "new girl".  Did I mention 17 years?  I have not been the "new girl" for 17 years!

I still have a hard time a couple days into it; I don't think it has "fully" hit me yet.   As I am cleaning out my office, transitioning my clients to another Account Manager, etc....bittersweet. Some of my clients I have had for years! I have built relationships with them.  Many of the client contacts I consider "friends".  They trust me with their business, I trust them to continue to pay the contract and to be honest with me if things slip up.  They have been through a lot with me and I with them.  Wow.  When I say it like that, I get a lump in my throat.  And as I wind down this week, Friday being my last day even though I did give the customary two week notice, the owner said if I could button everything up sooner than she would let me leave early with pay.  I think how can I possibly button up 17 years in 4 days.  But I am trudging along.   I am doing the best I can but I know something is going to be missed.  But what do you do.  As of Friday, these clients will no longer be mine.  They will be someone elses'.  I have to let go, move on, change. 

Change to the "new girl".  I can reinvent myself (not that I think I need to but...) start fresh.  A new beginning.  New beginings are good, right?  Change is good even when it is HARD.  I know this.

To close, when sending my notification out to all my client contacts, I received so many well wishes, we are going to miss you responses, thanks for doing a good job for all these years, that tears welled in my eyes...BUT, there is one response that I will forever hold dear, it was actually from a client contact for a NEW client that only signed on with our company in November...The contact and I, hit if off pretty quick, there was just something about her and she knew there was something about me.  She emailed me and told me that she printed out my"tag line" on my email which is:

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. Ephesians 4:29

She said she taped it on her computer to remind her everyday and that it really gave her encouragement in an unencouraging world.  I cried.  Who knew something so simple as that, something I sometimes even removed from my emails so not to offend some, would have such an impact on someone. GOD knew.  That is who. And through that tag line, I was able to be a light to someone when they needed it.  Ahhhmazing.  GOD is good and works in mysterious ways.


On another note, I can't get my phone to load pictures to show you a recent This is Me picture but since this really isn't a Weigh In Wednesday post I guess it doesn't matter.  And since my life has been a bit chaotic the last couple days, I have not been to the club since Saturday.  When I weighed in, I had gained a pound back from the previous week.  Ugh! 

By the way, I have next week off.  I am going to spend some extra time with the kids, go to the club everyday, going to relax, get reorganized, and reenergized before I tackle the next chapter.

How was your week?  Do anything exciting?


  1. You go girl!!! Onward and upward

    "Change is hard because people over estimate the value of what they have, and underestimate the value of what they may gain by giving that up"

  2. Good luck with your new job! What a sweet note from you client! It is wonderful when we know we have touched someone's life so simply.


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