Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday 1/23

I'm a bit discouraged.  There I said it.  I only made it to the gym 2 times so far this week and tomorrow doesn't look like it will be condusive to it...Ughhh.

I had been *starting* my week from Wednesday to Wednesday because of the WIW posts however I have revamped it and now my week is Saturday to Saturday.  I found that I felt I was sabotaging myself a little bit by rushing from work to the gym on Wednesdays to work out and weigh in to get this post up while it is was still technically Wednesday.  It just wasn't working on every front.  So although I am still posting them as Weigh In Wednesdays I am actually weighing myself on Saturday mornings...which I heard that morning weight is the most accurate anyways....Right?  (And Saturday is the only day I can go to the gym in the morning).

I am obviously not losing nearly as much weight as I did the first two weeks or so by any means which is also a bit discouraging but I am soldiering on.  I got to get this weight off one way or another but by doing it the right way.  It is H-A-R-D!  I am sure anyone who has tried to lose weight, feels my pain.  I sometimes wish there was a magic pill because I am a self professed foodie at heart and love, love, love to cook and go out to wonderful restaurants, etc and because sometimes I just want to be lazy and not do anything.  And I know I can still do all that but while I am going through this, whole really trying my darndest to lose weight, I feel a little bit off because I feel like if I do those things, cook awesome meals for my family, go out to dinner with friends, etc...then again, I feel like I am sabotaging myself because I lack this little thing called willpower sometimes most of the time.  Difficult, so difficult I tell you.

On a *lighter* note (ha! pun intended) I am going to take a picture next week to post wearing the same workout shirt that I took my picture in the first time.  It is feeling a bit loose now so I know even though the pounds are not necessarily dropping like its hot, I am losing some inches and bloatedness.  Hopefully you will be able to tell.

Ok, so without further ado...Saturday when I weighed myself, in the morning, before my work out....I weighed 265.8 which makes my total weight loss at 13.8 pounds!  Still have a loooong, loooong journey but....taking it day by day.

Oh and remember the food diary that I was going to start, yeah didnt' happen.  Nice thought, bought the book, didn't write anything down.  Yup, another thing to work on.  Carry on.

How was your week?  What worked for you?  Didn't work?



  1. Take that book and use it to write down your thoughts, your frustrations, your successes - then intersperse it with positive affirmations "I am happy, healthy and my clothes are now fitting loosely" - write a new one every day. Write something, anything about your weight loss journey.

    I'm reading a book which I linked to on my blog the other day called 'write it down, make it happen' and it is hugely helping me with my goals - it's all in the subconscious thinking, being aware.

    You will get there, I know you will - you just have to believe :-)

  2. You can do this, Jenn.....You CAN do this! Slow and steady. Even though the weight loss has slowed down, it's still going in the right direction, and every single bit helps you get closer to your goal.


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