Saturday, January 5, 2013

Six Word Saturday

  5 days of work into 3.

Kinda glad the holidays are over.
Back to life, back to reality.
Kids back in school on Monday.
Get back into routine for them.
Working out like mad these days.

Did you see This Is Me? 

Still sitting at 6 pounds lost.

I over did it on Thursday.
I paid for it in pain.
They say, no pain, no gain.
Off to another basketball tournament today.
Talk to you all later gator.
I linked up with Cate at
You can too.  It is easy, it is fun.
Just write a post describing what is
going on in your life in 6 words.
You can elaborate, post images, or not.
 And then link up.


  1. I agree, I'm kind of glad the holidays are over.
    Hope "paying for it" doesn't last too long. Good luck with the exercising though.

  2. I'm always glad when the routine sets in again and life gets back to its new normal.

    Have a great week!

  3. too funny.... my first six words today are also They say no pain no gain

  4. life without routine can at times become a dream we dont want so glad routine is returning for you
    come see what I shared at

  5. I have to admit, I like returning to my routine, too.
    My 6ws is here:

  6. You will make it I am sure. Keep up the dedication.

  7. I love the holidays but I love it even more when the big ones are over. I like routines!

  8. Sounds like things are going well! Enjoy your weekend!

  9. I'm back to work tomorrow - not looking forward to it though. We're in summer holidays so my son doesn't go back to school until the first week in February.

    40C+ temperatures all of this week, would rather be on the beach myself than in an office.

    Keep up the good work, but remember to be kind to yourself :-)

  10. stopping by from SWS great six word sentences. I love your banner on this blog so cute new friend :]
    Here's wishing you a very nice week back !!

  11. can relate to many of your 6Wsentences! Routine can be a good thing - at least for the kids! Enjoy getting some time back for yourself next week!

  12. I also mentioned pain in my Six Word Saturday. I'm also thrilled at the idea of school starting tomorrow! (Woowho!) Happy 6WS! :-)


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