Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ohh The Irony....

I will just preface this post with...

If I didn't laugh, I would cry,  hysterically probably because it has been that kind of couple days, very trying, emotional, etc on so many levels.

As I just barely got back to my desk after lunch today, my 19 year old called to tell me she got a letter about her license being suspended effective Jan 6 if she doesn't fill out the DMV report for the car accident she was in on Halloween.  The thing is when we were talking to the police officer at the scene he said we didn't need to since the damage on the cars did not look like it was over the amount that required an accident report.  He did however mention if for some reason one of you decided to file the report just to have it on record, that you should notify the other party so they can file too.  Both parties to the accident must file or the party that doesn't would have a suspension on their license.  We took the cops advice only to find out that the guy that she rear ended, ended up filing a report but failed to notify us. 

Long story short, she was irritated to say the least when she called me to tell me about all this.  I said well you better go to the DMV to get the report.  She obliged and on her way she went. 

Fast forward 5 minutes.  Office phone rings again, daughter again...

Her: Mom,  I just got into another car accident. 
Me:  What?  What do you mean you just got into another car accident.
Her:  Someone cut the car off in front of me and he slammed on his breaks and I hit him and he jumped out of the car and called me  F*^$ing (rhymes with) witch.
Me:  Are you kidding me? 
Her: No, I was on my way to get the DMV paperwork for the other accident and now got into another accident.
Me:  Seriously?  As I started laughing.
Her:  Why are you laughing?  It's not funny.
Me:  I know but the irony of it is and furthermore if I didn't laugh I would probably start crying.

The real sad thing about all this is her car literally just got out of the shop not even two weeks ago AND the damage to her bumper this time was worse than the last.  Man, our insurance agent is going to love us.  Maybe I should put our agent on speed dial at this rate.  So much for our GOLD membership status.  I think we just dropped to the bottom; what would that be Aluminum?  LOL

Ohh the irony.....

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  1. Yuck! Hopefully you'll get your gold status back soon. I'm glad that you're daughter's ok though.

  2. Wow I just scrolled through your posts to read up on what I missed the last few days.

    Perhaps you and your daughter need a few days of hibernation so that you can avoid the 'nasties' in the air at the moment.

    What a week you've had. Hon, you just have to keep smiling because things can only get better - truly :-)

  3. I feel your pain! Our easiest child, the middle one, has had four tickets in four years. Then he borrowed his grandma's car and got rear-ended. THEN he was driving her rental car while hers got fixed and he was in another wreck -this one his fault.

    Oh my, gotta love those kids!

    Good luck with the insurance!


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