Monday, December 19, 2011

Scale Disclaimer

Something to consider as 2011 ends and the New Year begins.  Many of us, including me, will most likely make some type of New Years resolution to lose weight.  When you get on that scale remember the following:

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And remember, if at first you don't succeed try and try again.  (I know a bit cliche).  Tomorrow is a new day.


  1. I can live with cliches. Weight loss is on my mind - giving up smoking tends to pile on a few extra kilos :-(
    I just read your 'thankful' post - amazing how much of the same things we write and like. I need to remind myself that I have lots of things to be thankful for.
    The couple who have separated that I posted about and which is causing me great distress at the moment - my son and his fiance. This means my grandson will be moving further away and the news has broken my heart in two. They weren't going to tell me till after Xmas, but mums have a way of finding out things tho'.
    I'm trying to be strong and I know my son is going through a tough time dealing with it which makes it even worse. Only bonuses (if there are any) is that they are still talking and spending Xmas together and that I get on really well with DIL.
    Some days its hard to be strong and positive tho'

  2. And then I read your comment on my post and realised you'd probably figured the above out already.

    You constantly amaze me with your insight, my SIL was the other person who picked up on what I was writing. You remind me lots of her (and I love her dearly)
    Also I can't find your email address, so I have to fill up your comments box :-) - I must be blind.
    Thanks for being such a pal

  3. I think I may need that written in big letters on my scale! I try to weigh myself only once a week but it;s hard!


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