Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Spitting Fire

Seriously...spitting fire.

I must first start at the beginning and work up to why I am spitting fire right now (or a little while ago...I have calmed down at this point).

Our garbage disposal decided to go kaput this past Thursday right before the Christmas weekend.  And because it was a holiday and so much going on we put off fixing it for a few days.  It is still not fixed today.  Luckily we have a mother in law quarters type home so we actually have two kitchens.  With that being said it wasn't an immediate need to fix since we have another set of sinks although no dishwasher.  Therefore we have been hand washing dishes in the interim and using the other kitchen for the most part.

Tonight while I was cooking dinner, I decided to take a few pictures of the dinner I was cooking so I could post it at a later time.  Left the camera on the counter, not in plain site, but not up high, on the counter behind the sugar container. 

Went around the corner into the other kitchen to put some dishes in the sink and grab a wet wash cloth to wipe down counters and table.  Literally in there for maybe a min or so and noticed that Hayden was no where near me.  Walked back into the other kitchen and he was holding the camera.  Went to get it away from him and noticed that it was dripping with gravy.  Gravy that was in the crock pot from our dinner last night that I hadn't dumped out and cleaned  yet.  Not even sure why or how it got in the crock pot since the lid had been on it when I was in there previously.  But never the less, somehow it made its way into the crock pot. 


You might remember this was our NEW camera that we bought as our Christmas present.  We have had the camera less than a month. 

I am, or was, spitting fire.  I know it can be replaced but so frustrating.  I am sure I spit out a few choice words which I am none to proud of but I am sure you can understand.  This is two cameras now that have been ruined courtesy of Hayden. 

I love my son. I love my son. I love my son.  (I really do but man.....to the moon!)   He is 4 so he is old enough to know and understand what he did but I know as the adult I should have put it up which I usually do just not this time. 

Your kids ever do anything that is so maddening?

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  1. Ouch! That hurts. We just got a camera for Christmas and if it ends up in the gravy, someone WILL go to the moon! You will get over it...it's just fresh pain right now...and wet with gravy. Ugh!!!

  2. Oh Jenn hon, the temperature in my living room has increased about 10 degrees because I'm feeling the 'spitting fire'.

    So sorry to hear about your camera and understand the sentiment - you love him dearly you just want to kill him right now.

    Perhaps he needs his 'own' camera down the track to prevent him touching yours. Breathe deeply, punch something soft and then breathe deeply some more, a few bad words won't hurt either.

  3. Try to put the camera in Rice. It works for water in phones. It soaks up liquid, so it could work....

  4. I am pretty sure I would have a few choice words and lots of time out time if Annabelle did that!


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