Thursday, January 26, 2012

Confessions of A Non Superwoman #16

OMG...We are up to #16.  This is bad.

1.  Yes, this is a picture of my kitchen.  I went on strike.  It doesn't always look like this, just most some of the time.

2.  I am such a dork.  Tuesday night when I went to get gas I couldn't figure out how to open my gas tank.  For some reason it was locked, it is never locked!  I actually had to call the dealership to figure it out.  I won't tell you what it was. LOL.  And then because of this I was late to Tyler's last basketball game.  Big mom fail! (But I at least took some pictures.  Here is T shooting a free throw).

3.  I just finally cleaned out some more of Kaylyn's baby clothes (remember she is 20 months so this has been needed to be done for at least 12 months).  Sad.  They are going to good use though so that makes my frown turn upside down.  My cousin, more like my sister from another mother, is having  a baby girl in June.  I packed them all up and shipped them to her.

4.  At work, I have been purging paper files.  I had things from some of my clients as far back to 2006!  Holy cow!  Such a pack rat.  Now if only I could get motivated to do the same at home!  My files at home are equally out of control.

5.  Last week my Monday night Crock Pot meal didn't turn out so hot.  Well it was hot all right.  Burned! Not sure where I went wrong.  Not enough liquid? Cooked too long?  Dinner was this instead so not all was lost.  Pretty good for a quick meal. 

What is weighing you down this week that you would like to share? 
We're all friends here.  Don't be shy!


  1. Jenn I love reading your posts it makes me feel more normal or at least like someone else. lol

  2. My kitchen also looks like that most of the time.

  3. I can't say anything about the gas cap. On our van the cap is on the drivers side and I opened the door when the cap was open. It got stuck behind the sliding door. We got it unstuck but I felt like such a dork.

  4. You definitely need to share why your gas cap was stuck. I'm certain this will happen to me!

    Nice you got a shot shot of your son!

  5. Its all in the interpretation isn't it. When I read your post I had a totally different picture. What goes in our cars in Oz is petrol and some cars have a gas (being LPG) conversion so they run on petrol and gas.
    When you said your gas cap got stuck I was thinking gas to your house, because that's the context we usually think of gas in.

    Love the differences and the not so differences ie kitchens look the same in Portland as they do in Adelaide LOL

  6. Oh we all have those days, weeks, lives! The pasta dish looks pretty good - I haven't even been doing that lately. My mommy confession is that I haven't been cooking decent meals at all. Sandwiches and pizza. I REALLY need to step it up.

  7. My kitchen also looks like that a lot. Oops.


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