Sunday, January 1, 2012

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For our New Years Eve dinner we went to this small yet FABULOUS authentic Ethiopian Restaurant called Beta-Lukas.  The food left nothing to be desired.  It was all around goodness from the appetizer to the dessert.  And the owner who was our host, was a hoot.  Very friendly and helpful when we asked several questions about the cuisine.

Our appetizer, Veggie Sambusa.  That little dish of sauce, spicy, spicy!


Our dinner, Ye-Beg Alicha Wot (lamb), Gomen Besiga (beef) and Salad (with warm injera bread which is what you use to scoop the food up with).


And our dessert, NY Style Cheesecake. 
The only thing we ate with a fork.

We will be going back here more often but next time we will make a reservation and take Tyler, who is utterly excited about being able to eat with his hands.

After dinner we went to our regular stomping grounds, McMenamins Edgefield and listened to some music in the winery. 

The warm glow of the candles provides the perfect back
drop to a romantic evening.

The Power Station

The Winery

What a wonderful way to end the year.  Hope you all had a great New Year!

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  1. Sounds nice.

    Not a fan of spicy, spicy though. Haha. I like to taste my food. :)


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