Friday, January 13, 2012

What I'm Lovin

In light of my not drinking caffiene anymore I bought this *AWESOME* Copco Mix 2 Go Waterbottle last week.  It has a little tube in the middle that you can put your Crystal Light packets in.  How cool is that?  Now I will never be without my flavored water while on the go.  (I have a difficult time drinking plain water so Crystal Light is my best friend these days).

Mix 2 Go™

I am also trying to eat a bit better.  Often times when I was drinking coffee I would get a Starbucks Ham Breakfast sandwhich.  And although they are YUMMY they are not only expensive but have 16g fat and 350 calories.  This morning I tried a Jimmy Dean Delights instead and I was pleasantly surprised.  It was very good and had only 7g of fat and 220 calories.

Mirrasou Moscato.  Although, I don't drink much wine these days. When I did, this happened to be one of my favorites.  I bought a bottle just recently to give as a birthday present to one of my friends.  Sweet and *fizzy*.  Perfect for a relaxing summer evening on the deck.  (Too bad it is the dead of winter in this parts). 

What are you lovin this week?

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  1. No more caffeine? Not even an option for me. Haha.

    I tried one of those Jimmy Dean bowls last week. It wasn't too bad. Needed more gravy. I've started eating more oatmeal. We'll see what that does.


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