Saturday, January 28, 2012

Six Word Saturday

Hello, Hello, Hello....

Finally, Saturday.  It has been a looooong week.

I am going to link up with the FABULOUS Cate over at Showmyface for Six Word Saturday.  What is that you ask?  It is a linky party where we describe something going on in life right now in 6 words.

It can be serious, funny, cute, whatever it is up to you.  And you can give more details after, share a picture, want.

What happens when littles get camera.


I found these on my camera when I loaded them onto the computer the other day.  Kinda funny.  Thought I would share. 

Have an AWESOME weekend.  See you Monday!

And guess what!  I am now officially a contributor over at Parent Palace. You will have to stop by and check it out some time.


  1. Love the pictures. Did you show them to the little one?

  2. I've thought about giving my youngest a camera, to see what the world would look like through her eyes. But then, I don't trust my camera would make it through alive. LOL

  3. Some of those photos are as good as mine! :)

  4. Fun pictures from the "little".

    Happy Saturday!

  5. Wonderful. "Found" photography. Very cool.

  6. Adorable! Brilliant for you to share!


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