Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our Baby

Our baby Kaylyn Grace....

Pushing her baby Madelyn Layla....

How cute are they?

On a sidenote, I think we have created a monster.  She wants to take her baby EVERYWHERE we go and I mean EVERYWHERE.

At first it was cute.  We caught our selves saying, "Ah, how cute look at her hold her baby." " How sweet she wants her baby to sit next to her in the high chair." "Look at her loving her baby."

But as the weeks have turned into months that she takes her EVERYWHERE and she will not leave her, will not go to sleep without her, will not do much without her.  Not so cute anymore.  LOL.  We are even considering buying a few other identical dolls in case her current one ever gets lost, left somewhere, etc.  That is how attached she has become.

None of the other kids were ever really attached to any one particular object so this is all new to us.

Did your children have a doll, blankie, stuffed animal. etc that they were attached to?

How did you handle it?


  1. Annabelle has a stuffed pooh bear that my BIL bought for her the day she was born. And now more than 5 1/2 years later, he still goes EVERYWHERE with us. He does spend a lot of time in the car and doesn't go into stores and such with us anymore but she can't sleep without him.

    We bought another almost identical bear once we realized how attached she was. She always knew when it was oo-one (another) Pooh.

  2. My kids never had an 'attachment' to anything as babies / toddlers which I thought was a little sad (maybe not as I read your post) Oldest did have an imaginary friend though who came everywhere for about a year and that was painful. Being told by a child that you can't sit somewhere because Mark was sitting there was a little disconcerting. Reminds me of that movie Drop Dead Fred - loved that, at least Mark wasn't quite so distructive.

  3. *shrugs*
    I'm in my thirties & still sleep with a stuffed bear I had when I was a kid.


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