Monday, April 30, 2012

And We Go!

There are a few of you out there can totally relate to my title...Laura, Courtney and Heather, if you are reading this I hope it made you chuckle. 

The time has come....We are going a little bit city, a little bit country.  We are on the move! 

Yes, it is what that means, we are MOVING on down the road....seriously not to terribly far from where we are but we are downsizing our lives so we can upsize everything else.  We are moving from a 2000 sq foot home to a 1400 sq ft home (still much more space than many have) so you won't find me complaining any time soon. It does however only have one bathroom so that might take some getting used to but I am sure we can handle it. 

Out with the old, NOT replaced by the new.  When I say downsizing we are downsizing in EVERY area of our lives.  Purging stuff.  Stuff that has been binding us.  Stuff that has been holding us back from living more abundantly.  Stuff that we don't need.  No, we are not just tossing or giving away every creature comfort we have but we are simplifying both out of want and out of need (since we won't have as much space).  We will be tithing more, giving more to Compassion, to GHNI for the villages I visited this past February among other causes we find worthy of our time and money. We will be saving more for missions we want to go on this upcoming year.  My husband hopefully to Mexico soon and I, back over to Ethiopia again and a couple other missions hopefully thrown in that we are researching.

We will be living "more simply so others can simply live".

I hope you continue on with me and the journey that lies ahead for our family.  I am excited for this new adventure that we are embarking on. 

Image Detail
Image Detail

This is not a picture of where we are moving from or to but rather a picture of
a city and a country road to signify "a little bit city, a little bit country"


  1. Sounds like an adventure! We made do with one bathroom for awhile (the second was just fixed yesterday) is an adventure...;)

  2. Ahhhh... here it is. I have missed a bit haven't I? Good for you in taking charge of your lives. I'm a little bit envious. Best of everything my friend - you inspire me

  3. Fabulous plans. Can't wait to see your new digs! Yes, the title made me laugh, of course. :) You're doing great Jenn!

  4. I read the title the first time, then in my head it echoed with the cadence we all learned to love -- Annnnddd...we GO! So wonderful to remember those little things that mean so much. I'm still on the yellum kick...napkins yellum :) Can't wait to hear/see more about the big move...Congrats!

  5. Wow that is really wonderful. I admire a big home but I think about what it would take away from "living" to have one. We are comfortable and that's all we need. Kudos to you and your family.

    1. Thats just it, we are so much more comfortable in our smaller house than we ever were in our bigger one. Now grant it it looks more lived in more often but it's all good.

  6. It's so true. I used to think "I want" when I guess I really meant "I like." There are so many things I have picked up over the years that really don't "mean" anything to me. I liked them, so I got them. I didn't realize that until after Hurricane Katrina. I lost a lot of stuff in the storm, and in moving a few times after that, the rest of my stuff started to feel like an anchor around my neck. It's amazing the things we accumulate over time. I just moved again recently and made several trips to the local Salvation Army store to drop things off while I was packing. I'm trying to pare down to what I actually use/need and REALLY like. :)

  7. Wow, how exciting! That's a huge step. I used to do a lot of purging. I now realize what I really need to do is stop buying. I'm still working on that one. I try to justify it by saying I get most of my stuff at Goodwill. And while that's great, it's still stuff. Stuff I have to clean, fix, move, have my kids fight over, etc. (TALU)

  8. I need to do another good purge. I feel like there's random stuff everywhere and it's starting to stress me out. I could feel how much more relaxed you'll be - congrats! (TALU)

  9. You know, I really believe that smaller houses make for closer families; one reason that I insisted on only one TV in a house of three children. Living more simply has been the best choice I've ever made too.
    (visiting from TALU, loving visiting lovely new people; like you)

  10. Sounds exciting! Congrats on your new house! I personally can't wait to have my own house. I almost don't care about the size. Almost. ;-)


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