Friday, April 20, 2012

What To Eat

Let me first preface this post by saying that I am by no means an expert on vegetarianism.  I am still learning every day and I am sure I will be for a long time.  I can however say that before I decided to take the plunge I did do A LOT of research.  The choice to become vegetarian did not come suddenly, it came from a few years worth of gall bladder issues which subsequently resulted in the removal of my gall bladder.  Now without a gall bladder my digestive track has issues at times often.  Although, I love animals and hate to see them hurt, I cry watching the cruel conditions that some animals are bred in for our consumption, going vegetarian was quite honestly a selfish choice.  For my health.

We decided to change to Ovo Lacto Vegetarian since we knew we didn't want to part with either eggs or milk products.  We can also be referred to as Pescatarian because we do want to eventually incorporate fish into our diet.  Pescatarians do not eat any animal meat other than fish.

We have not gone full "vegan" because that would require major changes that we are not prepared for at this time.  That however does not mean that one day we do not *convert* completely.  We will see. 

Full vegans do not eat any meat including fish, milk products, nor eggs.  They also do not use products that have any animal by products in them or are tested on animals.  They do not wear clothing with animal fur, wool, etc...To be a full vegan in my opinion it is much more of a commitment than being a vegetarian.  And I say that now with a couple weeks of experience under my loosening really has not been that difficult.  For me I just had to review my meal plans and "veg" them up.  It has been easy to make many similar meals omitting the meat.  Instead I have used Tofu.  I also used Morningstar Crumbles for one of my dishes a few weeks ago.

With the gardening season and Farmers Market season getting ready to open in our area, I think our timing has been perfect.  We love to go to the local farmers markets and buy fresh fruit and vegetables from the local farmers.  And then if I can get our garden off the ground (pun intended) this spring, we will hopefully have an assortment of fresh produce to choose from.

Check out my last three weeks worth of Menu Plan Monday posts to see what we have been eating as newbies.  

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Eat This.


Chickpea Salad

Not That.

Mmmm...Slug Juice.


  1. Very cool! I admire you for making the switch. I know Ellen Degenerous is always sharing really cool vegan meals with the people that watch her show and they always look so yummy!! Can't wait to hear how it goes.

  2. Mmmm slug juice - tasty!

    Do you feel lighter and more energetic since changing your diet?


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