Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Patience My Child

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Not something that I have always been good at, I must admit.  And yet I am always telling my children, Patience My Child.  Ha!  Now if only I would practice what I preach, right?  As parents, are we not always doing that?  Do this, don't do that, say this, don't say that, yet when the rubber hits the road, are we doing as we say? 


It's a virtue I have not mastered.  Even in my older and somewhat wiser, experienced self, you would think by now that I would not try to control destiny, control anything for that matter.  Lie and wait, be patient. 

Life, however, is so out of control in so many ways, we just don't see it or chose not to.  I don't like not knowing what is going to happen today, tomorrow, next week.  I like stability, in most situations.  I think that comes from somewhat of an unstable upbringing.  But yet, patience.  I don't have it most of the time.  It is fleeting.


I am a bundle of nerves these last couple days trying to figure out some things.  I wish everything would just fall into place so we can go back to the regularly scheduled chaos. I can handle that.  I can fix that. 

But I know GOD works in mysterious ways and everything will reveal itself when the timing is right. But why?  Why not now?  Why wait til later?  Instant gratification, no?

Until then will I go pull my hair out (what's left anyways) and chew my nails.

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  1. Yes, yes and yes - patience. I was standing behind the door when they handed out patience, so I too missed out.
    I'm a big believer that what will be, will be. I'm still like you though and don't like waiting.

    Hope you don't have to be patient for too long


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