Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thinking Out Loud

Wow, has it been since Friday that I posted anything.  Yikes!  That is a long time in the blog world.

It has been very warm here the last couple days.  I am definitely not complaining because it has been very depressing with the wet weather.  We actually set a record for most rainfall in March.  It is already the end of April, can you believe that?  Where has the time gone?  As I type this though, it is back to clouds.  Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

We are still chugging along trying to put some plans in to action to move us forward on our next adventure.  It started off pretty quickly, came to a screeching halt and then now has slowly taken off again.   I can't wait til it all comes together so I can start talking about it.  I just don't want to get ahead of myself and then have to back peddle. 

Peanut butter.  I am liking peanut butter these days.  Good fat and good protein.  Obviously, you can't eat a jar of it a day or anything but it sure does make celery taste better.  We have been eating tons of vegetables for obvious reasons (we are eating a vegetarian diet; week 4) but I am finding that we need to compost since we have so many left over peels from cucumbers, potatoes, apples, oranges, parts of stocks from celery, asparagus ends,  etc...and I hate tossing that all down the garbage disposal or trash. 

This past Sunday was Compassion Sunday.  Compassion Sunday is a national event that draws the attention of the Church to the needs of the world's poorest children.  My friends Jill and Kevin gave a presentation at church.  Because of them and their love for children that Compassion represents, several children have been sponsored by members of our church over the past year.  I can't wait to hear how many children were sponsored. 

Kaylyn got sick last night.  Not sure why.  But she decided to throw up several times, in our bed.  She toddled in pretty late and I was so tired, I just put her in bed with me only to be awoken abruptly from the sound of her throwing up.  Nothing like waking up in the middle of the night to that huh?  And unfortunately we went through this two more times....Fun times!  I was so tired this morning, of course she was feeling great at that point...I had to drag myself into work, albeit a bit late.  I was going to stay out the whole day but figured since she seemed like she was feeling better, which she was/is, I didn't want to burn a day of sick time unnecessarily.

We babysat our grand dog for two days.  She is the sweetest black lab you will ever meet.  She loves playing with the kids, although Hayden got taken for a walk with her.  Hayden had the lead on her and she took off, taking Hayden with her, down he went skinning his elbow and knees.  Poor kid.  He is such a trooper though.  She is about 45lbs now and she thinks she is a lap dog.  Every chance she gets she tries to crawl up in your lap and cuddle.

Tyler went to Acquire The Fire this past weekend with our church youth group and apparently had a blast.  The Afters were there and Flame among several other Christian bands that he loves.  I love that he has such an open heart for Jesus.  He really makes me proud.

Anywho, what's on your mind? 


  1. As is the case sometimes, I could have written your post - mine is titled 'Got my thinking cap on' LOL
    Love the sound of that Grand-dog of yours, sounds a lot like my dog.
    Hope Kaylyn is better and you catch up on the lost sleep

  2. You are a busy mom! I am sorry that you had to wake up worn out! That's the life of a mother. Although my youngest is now in his teenage years, we both have been fighting a cold this past week. It has knocked me for a loop, being that I don't get sick often at all. And, I can't afford to be sick. I usually will keep trudging along even when I'm sick, cause that's what moms have to do. So, I hope you get to catch up on your rest somewhere in the week. xo

  3. Hello, and what a cute post. I also like the picture at the end of it as this is how I have been feeling for the last couple days. I know when we do not blog for a couple days it does seem like the end of the world. I wish you a Blessed week and I am glad everyone is OK now and I hope you catch up on your sleep soon.


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