Thursday, April 12, 2012


Many are. Nationwide. Worldwide. But they shouldn't be.

Food Network and Share Our Strength No Kid Hungry Campaign is at it again trying to drum up awareness about this ongoing battle.  They want to win this battle to end childhood hunger in America by the year 2015.  But they need our help.

If you remember in November, I shared a personal story about this program and why it is important to me.

They are not asking for money, although you can donate, if you so desire, but what they really want is to bring awareness to this issue. 

There is a new Food Network documentary film being released on April 14th, 2012 called Hunger Hits Home which explores this crisis from the front lines of those impacted by hunger.  The children.  The parents. 

Are you going to standby and watch?  The show?

Are you hungry now?

Will you take the pledge?  Spread the word?  Act now?

Eatocracy recently wrote an article on this campaign and provides several links to recent stories about hunger in the US.  Go here for the article and additional links.

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