Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lifes a Niche

Look, all you can do when you find your niche is go with it. ~Vincent D'Onofrio 
But what if you don't find it?
I was thinking about my little blog the other night and all the other blogs out there.  I read and subscribe to lots of them and the common theme is that many are tailored to a certain reader because they found their niche.  They found a topic that they enjoy writing about, reading themselves, doing themselves, etc.  Whether it be cooking, couponing, photography, crafts or the like.  They found something that they are good at and that other people are interested in.

But what if you like so many things and you don't want to be in that niche or that clique?  You might not be good at all of the things but you are multifaceted. Remember high school:  I was the girl that, although I had plenty of friends (IMO),  I didn't belong to a certain clique.  I danced to my own music so to speak and I am finding my blog is kind of like that too.

My blog has become very versatile.  I post recipes.  I post frugal living tips.  I post heartfelt stories. I post pictures. I post whatever is on my mind at any given time.

And I am finding in my blog reading I am reading blogs on a *regular* basis that are similar to mine.  That I can see, feel, hear, the person behind the writing through their words. 

Don't get me wrong:

 I love the coupon sites (who doesn't love to save money?

 I love the new recipes I find (we all have to eat). 

 I love the craft sites (not a creative bone in my body so I need all the help I can get).

 I love the giveaways (although I haven't won anything ever). 

So I guess my point to this post is really that I have not found my niche but I am going to stop looking for it.

My blog is what it is....and I hope  you still continue to read my posts and enjoy them. 

Laugh with me, cry with me, pray me with me.

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What type of blogs are your favorites?


  1. I so know what you mean. I don't think I will have a niche. I haven't even bothered looking for it. I like to read blogs where people are just honest. Even if it means telling the world you eat your boogers or bieber fever is so not cool. Blogs where there is a real person behind them. I hope that makes sense.

  2. Seriously!!! Exactly my thoughts...I am such a random person...maybe that is why I fell completely in love with your blog (and your blog name!!!) that I am renewed in continuing. I have a lot of "followers" but very few people that I feel connected to.

    I am learning how to write and document for me (and to find others who care to read it) and not to please the masses.

    You go girl!!!

  3. We share a lot of the same views!!! I know my life is somewhat erratic, therefore why wouldn't by blog be hodge podge? Glad I stopped by from blog frog!

  4. I completely agree with you. I guess my niche is a mom blog but tons of mom blogs are crafts, recipes, or parenting. I just like to blog about whatevatheheck I want and not feel confined to a certain subject. Well said my friend! Power to the non-nichers!


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