Wednesday, February 9, 2011

To The Moon, (Fill In The Blank)

Do you ever say that?

Isn't that what Ralph Kramden used to say to Alice, his wife on The Honeymooners? (BTW, I only know this show because my dad used to watch it when he was young and he would talk to me about it when I was younger. I have seen some reruns but I am definitely not old enough to have watched the show the first run).

Ok, now that we cleared that up.

Man though, this is how I felt yesterday however rather than saying it to others, I was thinking of going to the moon myself for a much needed break!

I so needed a time out yesterday and couldn't take one to save my life. Both Monday and Tuesday this week were rough. I think part of the reason yesterday was rough was because little beanpole did not get a nap so therefore he was a bit more cranky and pushing more buttons than he *normally* does. And it was so beautiful out here in the Pac NW, no rain, no wind, sunny and 50 which is like a tropical island for those of you that are still part of the Snowpocolypse and do you think he would want to play outside in our backyard, heck no!  Instead he wanted to turn on the water in the kitchen sink, use the spray spout which subsequently got stuck and sprayed water all over!  That was fun to clean up.  It is actually pretty funny now that I think back on it but at the time, not so much. 

And little Miss K, of course she is as cute as all get out, but now that she is mobile, I have to try and keep her as contained as possible which is not a very easy task. As it is I have gates up everywhere but even with gates blocking her from going room to room, she still has so much room to roam in the rooms we are in at the moment. And she is attempting (and succeeding at times) to get into everything. I have tried to put things up as much as possible, locks on cabinets, only kid friendly things within reach but she gravitates to the one thing, the one thing that is left out.  The one thing left down this time (although kid friendly): her fruit puff snacks and needless to say they didn't stay in the container for too long once she found them.   Dumped'em all over...and who is that I hear running into the family room?  Beanpole......crunch, crunch, crunch...

 I think I swept and vacuumed no less than 3 times yesterday. And that is a light sweeping and vacuum day.

Ohh and lets not forget the 12 year old tween who likes to push buttons too. In this case computer buttons, that he knows he is not suppose to be using at the moment. He got grounded from using the computer this past weekend for a little bit of an indiscretion but for some reason he only heard that he was grounded from Facebook when I know darn good and well I said the computer as a whole unless he had homework.

Funny how they only hear what they want to hear. It is that selective hearingitus again. Its become an epidemic. And he likes to push buttons on his stereo too which just gives me a headache. If I hear Katy Perry "Fireworks" one more time, I think you are going to have to check me into an asylum.

No really, it is that bad! He plays it over and over and over again.

Anywho, when all was said and done, I think we all crashed about 8, which is unusual on most days for me (not necessarily for the kids)...and then of course since I went to bed so early I was up at the butt crack of dawn this morning writing. I tend to get up around 430-5am normally but I got up this morning around 3am. Yikes!

And now I am beat! I need nap!

But the day is still young..still so much I need to accomplish.

Get me a caffeine drip, STAT!


  1. I used to love that show! There are days we are going and going and the cleaning and running around never stop. I have one word - Starbucks! Thank you for joining Mama's Little Nestwork! Welcome! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  2. Well I hope the rest of this week is on the up and up! And I am sooo with you on this one "If I hear Katy Perry "Fireworks" one more time, I think you are going to have to check me into an asylum." I'll meet ya there!

  3. so it's got no place to go but up!

    stopped by from the hop, I'd love to see you at

  4. Hope the rest of the week gets better. Thanks for following Mommy Time Out

  5. Ha-ha.....I thought I was the only one that was going to poke a pickle in my ear if I had to hear 'Fireworks' one more time!! I'm now a follower!! If you ever get a minute to yourself, stop by my blog and say "hi'! :D

  6. Dropping by from a very early Thirsty Thursday Blog Hop! Follow back later if you like:

  7. lol...hopefully today is a better day!

    New Blog Hop Follower //

  8. I've never seen that show, but I hear you on some days just wanting to go to the moon.

    I always think of those days as my caffeine IV days. The days when I just wish I could get a prescription of patience laced with caffeine and just hook myself up to the drip.

    I'm hoping that today improves for you and tomorrow is better!
    (found you on the comment blog hop and now am following)

  9. Ha! Yes! Yesterday my three year old told me she didn't like me and wanted to send me away to the North Pole.

    There or the moon, I think I'd be happy to escape for a bit.

  10. Hi, I followed you on google friends from I hope you follow me back. Thanks : )

  11. Am blog hopping and found your blog! Quite colorful and interesting!!! I'm now following. Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back!

  12. I am so dreading the day when Erik is mobile... and he seems to want to be ahead of the curve, so I'm screwed, sooner than later...
    I had one of those time out days last week - both school age kids were home sick and whiny on Friday - Liam had been home all week and I was tearing my hair out (which isn't good since I'm already shedding like a puppy postpartum)
    I literally waited til 5 minutes after hubby walked in the door, hugged him, let him take off his coat and declared I was heading to the grocery store - ALONE!
    I agree - sometimes we really need a time out...
    and yep, I've used that phrase on occasion... it just rolls off the tongue doesn't it :)
    Thanks for hooking up with Thirsty for Comments - hope you come back next week!

  13. I told my bosses boss that I needed a time out a few days ago ... course, with my job that's not gonna happen right now- oh, well! Stopping by from Thirtsy Thursdays- better late than never- and now I'm following you; hope you can stop by soon and return the favor!


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