Saturday, February 5, 2011

O'My Word!

That is all I could say about this upon walking into it last night...Now mind you, positive thing that our 3 yr old entertained himself for a bit last evening while I was making dinner BUT....

O'My Word... I didn't realize he dumped his quite large toy box out!  O'My Word.  I am not even certain how he was able to do it.  He is just an itty bitty guy (like a beanpole)  but he must pack some power behind those guns that I wasn't aware of!

His Room

Our Beanpole aka Our Little Tornado

Guess what I will be doing during nap time?


  1. Actually, YOU should take the nap and have HIM clean it all up. If he's strong enough to make the mess he's strong enough to pick up after himself. LOL

  2. Kathy, you are right! Wake me up when it is cleaned

  3. My boys do that to their playroom all the time but I make sure they clean up before they go to bed because I am not the maid...I am Mommy LOL! And I love that you left your cape at the dry cleaners...but won't they charge you if you don't pick it up...just kidding.
    From one crazy mom of triplet boys (Maureen)

  4. Love your blog name & the premise behind it!

    that pic of your lil boy's room looked so familiar I thought it was mine for a minute!

    Kids LOVe mess don't they? My girls make these spectacular meses too - but I make them clean it up! Of course I ahve to help but I make them work!

    Let all us non-SuperWomen unite! I have no idea where my cape is or if I ever had one but I know I don't wnat one! haha!

    new follower - Bernadette


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