Friday, February 11, 2011

Survey Says........

I have a Type A personality! (Ha!)

I am addicted to carbs! (and I have the muffin top to prove it)

I am a perfectionist! (kinda goes along with the Type A personality)  I am working on this remember?

I need more Vitamin D! (Which comes from sunshine. Well duh, I live in Oregon where it rains 9 months out of the year)

I need to drink less coffee and drink more Green Tea instead! It apparently will make me more alert but I won't have the energy crash.  (Caffeine IV, STAT!)

Ok, now tell me something I don't already know?

I just wasted 5 mins of my life, that I will not get back to take a survey that told me all the above....LOL...

Do you ever take surveys and do they ever *enlighten* you?

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  1. Hi, Thank you for the blog visit and follow. I always say the best part of the Muffin is the Muffin Top! Nobody wants the dried-out skinny part under the wrapper!

    PS...I love Family has been my favorite since the Richard Dawson!



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