Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another Kaylyn Update

We came home yesterday afternoon and have been laying very low for the past 24 hours.  K has had two doses of steroids now at home and her breathing is much better.  The steroid med seem to tickle her throat because each time we have given it to her, she starts coughing quite a bit however that is a good thing because we need her to work the "flem" out.  She did throw up one of the times all over me mind you but that is quite alright.   I didn't like the shirt I was wearing anyways. 

We have to give her the steroids for another couple days and hope that will be the end of it.  No long term effects.

Remember to hug your kids a little tighter when you tuck them in to bed tonight.  Our story could have ended much worse.  Life can truly change in an instant.

I praise God for watching over our little girl during these past couple days/nights and always.  He must have enough angels on staff already. 

And please anyone with small children, keep watch for chokeable hazards no matter how small it might be. Those little hands are quick and can inhale things fast!  Small children's (infants) bronchial airways are the width of a cocktail straw; very small.  It doesn't take much to block it.

Once again, thank you for all your continued prayers!  I appreciate it very much!


  1. Glad to hear things are going better. It makes me appreciate my little bundle of joy even more.

  2. I posted a comment a few days ago and have been coming back to your blog daily for updates. I'm so glad your little sweetheart is doing better. It took a long time for our little boy to finish healing and his breathing was noisy/labored for a while, but he is doing much better now. I'm sure Kaylyn will continue to get better as well. Continued prayers for all of you..

    Melissa :)


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