Friday, April 15, 2011

Removing the Mask! (300th Post)

Ok, let's be in the blog world, we often times live under a mask, live a bit of a facade. Often times, many of us only share the good parts of our lives.

How bout lets start getting real!

I am not perfect, you're not perfect. We all know that so fess up.

I found this awesome linky party over at Not Just A Housewife where we can share some of our "moments" of insanity, meltdowns, screw ups, etc and have no fear.  Nobody is going to judge you, make fun of you, belittle you....

Come join the fun! I bet you will feel so much better when you go check out some of the other gaffes.

You really are not alone!

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  1. lol, I'm headed to go make fun of you right now! Just kidding, I'm too perfect for that :P


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