Friday, April 29, 2011


I check my stats every now and again.  See who is stopping by.  Making sure someone is reading my rants.  If I am not familiar with the site I often times will click on the link in the traffic sources area.  I like to visit back most of the time.  If someone has taken the time to visit my site/blog, the least I can do is visit their site/blog, right?  Fair enough?

I happened to do this the other day on a link that I wasn't familiar with.

Man, oh, man how I wish I hadn't done that. 

The name was very generic so I had no clue as to the surprise that lay ahead.   Imagine the shock on my face as I clicked the link and up popped a very *adult* like site.  No warning.  BAM!  There it was!

I have never closed a screen so fast in my life and thank god, the children were not around.  Then I went to my tools and erased all memory of this site.  Heaven forbid, someone gets on the computer, drops the address bar down and visits this site again.  ICK!

I scratch my head and wonder how this traffic source found my blog?   Very disturbing.

Has anyone else had this happen? 


  1. Yikes! That would freak me out too. I have not had that happen to me, thankfully.

  2. Oh wow! It's so weird that you mention this because I had the exact same thing happen to me about 3 days ago. I almost choked on my own spit trying to get it closed.

  3. I have a suspcion this has happened to me, but I never clicked the link out of fear where it might take me. I make it a point to ignore my curiosity when it comes to strange pages people come from. It does make me curious, though, why they came to my page after the on they were on.

  4. Sad that some people have nothing better to do ~ If it has happened ~ I ignore it and don't click it ~ hope it doesn't again ~ your site is lovely ~ hope they stay away ~ ^_^ ~ (I visiting from Blog Frog ~ thanks for posting in my community ~


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