Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Confessions Of A Non-Superwoman #3

1.  I made Stouffers Frozen Lasagna for dinner Monday night!  (Gasp!)  Kids loved it!

2.  I had 3 "main" items on the Must Be Done list for this past weekend and guess what?  I didn't do them! (and they were pretty simple but instead decided to go to the Saturday Market with the family)

3. I realized last night when taking of Hayden's socks that they were dirty.  They were the same socks he wore the day before. (I hope he changed his underwear)

4.  I have yet to get all the goodies for the kids Easter baskets nor have I made an appt for Easter/Spring pictures.  AND we haven't even colored eggs yet either! 

5.  I am really considering instead of doing a traditional Easter dinner that I may do a BBQ instead.  We are hosting it (and cooking most of the food) so I can decide what I am serving, right?

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Hope you are having a great hump day!


  1. Ha! Sounds like my week! Glad I'm not the only one with "good intentions" :)

  2. love this! I should do this. It can really put into perspective that we just can't do everything; dispite what my husband might say sometimes! Stopping by from Welcome Wednesday

  3. Ok first, Stouffers lasagne is delicious : ) I bought easter stuff for my girls basket and already gave her most of the I'm with you on that one too :)


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