Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Confessions of a Non Superwoman #11

Yes, we are up to #11.  Have you seen all my other confessions 1-10?  You should check them out. 

1.  The other night while cooking dinner I accidentally hit the spatula in the pan, flipping it along with some of the meat I was cooking right onto my foot.  Ouch!

2.  Yesterday while I was watching the Amanda Knox news conference, Hayden decided he was thirsty and poured himself a glass of Pepsi.  It was a rough night after that.  He was WIRED!

3.  I haven't done a load of laundry all week.  I have been so unmotivated.  I just closed my laundry room door and have pretended it is not there.

4.  I bought a new *big* bulletin board a couple weeks back to hang in my *command* center and have yet to hang it up.  No wonder why I am still so unorganized.  As if this bulletin board is going to be the fix for that, huh?  I can dream.

5.  I still have our *spring time* decorative flower decals on our windows.  I should probably take those down before it is next spring. Maybe put up some Harvest ones or Halloween ones.  What do you think?

So how is your week going?  Have any confessions you want to share?  We are all friends here.  Let us all commiserate about our inadequacies together.

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  1. LOL! I can really relate to some of these. Isn't it terrible when kids get into the soda :0)

  2. Confessions??? How many hours (make that days) do you have


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