Saturday, October 1, 2011

Six Word Saturday

Good day! 

It is Saturday, thank goodness.  As always (or at least most of the time) I am linking up with Cate over at for 6WS.

You want to play along?  You can, we'll let you.  Describe something going on in your life with 6 words and then link up.  See how easy.  I will go first.

The DMV is my fav place!

I love to hang out there and people watch.  Did you see my post (more like rant) from yesterday? You didn't?  Well check it out here.

Off to football.  Catcha later, gator!


  1. Sounds like your DMV is as good as ours. Don't you love the politics of governement agencies - do any of them communicate with each other and actually realise how stupid the rules are and how damn hard they make things.

  2. Well, we can say this about the DMV... they're consistent. :/

    (visiting from 6WS)

  3. Cute blog the stars.

    Stopping by from Six Word Saturday.

    Stop by my blog if you are post is about Saturday Food!!


  4. Ahh, one of my favorite places to avoid...the post office runs a close second.

  5. I read your post about the DMV; I couldn't find what state you were in, but it sounds a lot like California where I live. We had moved away for 10 years, relocated back here; went to get license and found (thankfully before I got down there) that I needed to bring my marriage certificate and birth certificate to get a license. That was so different than when we had come back here another time before. The scrunity is nice but not if it is hard to get all the necessary documents they want.

    But I'm with you, people watching is always fun!

    just visiting from 6WS; may you have a great Sunday!


  6. Umm on what planet? LOL. Can't say I've had very many good DMV days, glad yours was! Happy 6 word Saturday!

  7. really? wow, not for me. It's always a long wait there.

  8. The one I go to rarely has much of a wait but I do love to people watch!

    Thanks for playing 6WS!


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