Thursday, October 6, 2011

Holy Zucchini!

Holy Zucchini Batman!

This is a zucchini.

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This is a zucchini on steroids. 

It measured 14 inches long and 5inches wide, not sure of the total circumference.  This picture does not do it justice, really.

I would love to brag and say this very large zucchini is from our garden...

but sadly it is not. 

You see our garden this year has been somewhat of a bust.  I am not sure where the weeds stop and the garden begins.  It IS that bad.  I am so disappointed.  All we have been able to muster up are a few tomatoes. I had such high hopes.   Remember when we planted?

In all seriousness what the heck did they grow this with?  It is was gigantic (we ate it).  I bought it at our local farmers market this past weekend, probably one of the last hurrahs to the local farmers market before they shut down for the winter. I am sad.  When the farmers market closes down for the season you know it is time to batten down the hatches and hunker down for the next several months. 

It has already started to rain quite a bit here in the Pac NW (little bit earlier in the season).  And I hate to complain because I know there are several states still in a drought, but rain, all the time, although it brings the lush green that I love, it is depressing.

What do you miss most about the warm weather?

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  1. I continue to be astounded by some of the comparisons between us.

    I'm a summer girl, I love the heat. Rain constantly depresses me but I love lush green everything.I could have written your words.

    Aren't you off this weekend for a girls weekend? - hope you have a super super time. Relax (it is occasionally possible you know)


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