Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Letter from Milli

While I was away on my trip to Ethiopia we received our first letter from Milli, our Compassion daughter.  Thankfully, my husband left it for us to open when I got home.  I am so glad he did because I was so excited to see it when I returned.  I have been like a kid waiting for Santa Claus since I wrote the first letter to her a couple weeks ago, hoping and praying that we would get a return letter soon.  And we did.  However her letter was actually written shortly after we sponsored her.  How neat is that.  She hadn't even received our first letter and already wrote us.

Although a portion of the letter was "canned" meaning there were general written questions and her answers there was also a translated letter on the back.

She has 4 siblings.  She loves the bible story David & Goliath and the color blue.  Her best friend is Pauline.  And they love to jump rope.  Her favorite school subject is Math.  (I have to give her props for that because Math was always my least favorite).  She likes to eat rice.

Here is her letter verbatim and as translated:

Dated:  11/14/11

Millicent greets you and shes happy to write to you.  She says they have already planted and they are now weeding. The land looks beautiful since everything is green. She will visit many places during the Christmas holiday.  How will you spend your Christmas and wishes you a Happy Christmas.

She requests that we you pray for her parents and her brothers and sisters.

I am so excited to learn more about her and her family.  I truly hope that with our sponsorship we can make a huge impact in her life.  Giving her a better tomorrow.

As I receive additional letters from her I will share them with you. 

On a sidenote, Compassion International is currently in the process of setting up sponsorship for children in Hurso which is one of the villages that I visited when I was in Ethiopia.  As soon as the children are selected for that village, I hope to sponsor one from there since I have seen first hand the conditions that they live in every day.

Interested in sponsoring a child?

Visit Compassion International for more information.

Help make a difference in the lives of children in need. Now is the time to sponsor a child.


  1. Woo hoo...your first letter! That would be so cool to sponsor a child from the village you visited. Do you know when they plan to open?

  2. Cute! Did you know we call my Daughter Millie? She is Camille but has morphed into a Millie half of the time. So cool you got a letter.

  3. Jill, I don't. The village has a few more things they need to get lined up before Compassion will come in. I was hoping that you might be able to get some more info being that you have the inside scoop on CI.

    Courtney, I didn't know that. How cute. Your children are beautiful! Love the name Milli. That was one of the first things that attracted me to the little girl plus we are birthday buddies.

  4. I am in complete admiration of you and your family's giving! I admire you for your passion and for your family's commitment! I tend to always lean towards the children when it comes to giving. I have passed this on to my sons. I will look forward to more sharing of your Millie's communication. How precious.


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