Saturday, March 31, 2012

Six Word Saturday

Today, ah glorious Saturday.  The day you sleep in, leisurely wake up when you feel rested, lay around, do a whole lot of nothing...Ha!  More like up at 6am, cleaning the kitchen, getting breakfast ready for two hungry kids already waken from their slumber.  Oh well, a mom can dream right?

Today I am linking up again with the wonderfully fabulous Cate over at and sharing my Saturday in 6 words. You can too by describing what is going on in your life in 6 words and linking up.

Here are my 6 words:

To be honest, nothing going on!

For once, although I did do all of the above, for one Saturday, the first Saturday in a long time we don't have to race out to a basketball game, nor are we helping any one move today.  We really don't have anything pressing plans wise.

I am however going to get dressed here in a little bit and go have girls only coffee (hot chocolate for me, thanks) with a few of my besties. 

And then later this afternoon I think we might take the kiddos to a kids music show that is at this new Eat, Art and Theater (E.A.T) venue not too far from our house.  I think they will like that...

But other than that....nothing *truly* planned.  Just some hang out time with the family.  Nice.  Peaceful. Quiet. (Ok maybe not quiet).

I have to run, little miss is done with breakfast and she is getting antsy in her high chair.

What does everyone else have on their agenda? 

Hope you have a WONDERFUL Saturday and Sunday.  See you Monday!


  1. This sounds like an absolutely wonderful weekend to me.
    I have to prepare my little house for an onslaught... my daughter and son in law are arriving Thursday night for his 10 day leave before he deploys to Afghanistan and they are bringing their dog!

  2. I slept from noon to four, making up for the little sleep I got last night (2:45 to 4:30) because I can never sleep when My Beloved Sandra's away.

    Try again tonight, I guess.

  3. We went and did our taxes fun but at least we have refunds to look forward to :)

  4. Sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday. Enjoy!


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