Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thinking Out Loud

It snowed again last night.  For the 2nd time this week. Luckily, not to much so still navigable (is that a word).  I can still drive in it, there, that is what I meant.  But seriously, snow at almost the end of March.  I need sunshine.  I am going to have to escape to Ethiopia again for some warm weather.  Maybe Arizona?  I hear it has been pretty warm there.  My dad and grandma live there whom I miss terribly.  I have not seen either of them for almost 4 years.  Yikes, that is a long time.  I really need to make a trip down there to visit or get them up here whichever is easiest.  Back to Ethiopia, I miss it.  I really miss it.  I miss the people.  I miss the friends I made.  I miss the awesome traditional food.  I miss the villages.  I miss the easy going atmosphere.  I miss it.  I have been back a couple weeks now and it is still at the forefront of my mind. The trip is not something that is going to be easily forgotten. I just went through many of my pictures last night and started my slideshow.  I have a presentation at church this Sunday.  I hope people get as excited about helping Megaladi as much as I am. I presented the Adopt-A-Village to my sons teacher last week.  Hoping that comes through.  I think that would be such a good learning experience for the kids.  To walk along side a poor village.  Watching the progress over the next year. Seeing their money "do something" life changing. My trip was life changing.  We are not moving to Ethiopia, although if I could figure out a way to make it happen, I would in a second.  I know that seems pretty drastic to some but if you ever get the chance to go there you will know what I mean and why I would uproot my family. We have however talked about some other life changes that we will be working through over the next couple months that perhaps might move us into that direction at some point.  I will have to wait to share those until a couple things come together. I made Easter Jello Jigglers last night in the easter jello molds I had from last year.  They turned out very cute.  Hayden scarfed them all down.  I think I ate one. I will have to make more tonight so Kaylyn can have some. I organized some of our churchs food pantry last night while Tyler was at youth group.  I hadn't organized things since I have been back; it needed to be done.  McDondalds Hot Chocolate is really good and so much cheaper than Starbucks.  Did I mention I still have not been drinking caffeine?  Yup.  I did drink a tad bit while in Ethiopia at the coffee ceremony that we went to in Harar and I did have a coke while there but for the most part still not drinking caffiene at home.  Drinking lots of Crystal Light still. Mmmm...good.  Anywho, I think I am done rambling for now. 

It is Thursday almost the weekend!  Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?  What is going on in your head today? 

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  1. Maybe it's because my Dad and Grandmother are no longer alive but did I really read you haven't seen them in 4 years but yet you flew half way around the world?

    Maybe they will live forever, but I think you need to visit your Dad and Grandmother.

    I lost a lot, a lot of respect for you today. There was little left after I found out you were up Jennifer Mckinney's ass.

  2. I am sorry you lost respect for me; don't read my blog. I have none for you given you post anonymously and are very judgemental. Thank you.

  3. Some people it would seem, need to get a life and stop judging others, they also need to be courageous enough to stand behind their words and not post anonymously.

    Keep smiling Jenn - those who mind, don't matter and those that matter, don't mind.

  4. Hello, how are you today? I having been following you since you got back from your trip. Please go visit your family you never know how long they will be here. My daughter was killed when she was only 16 and I just wish I had more time with her. I am proud of what you are doing for that country and getting the school involved is awesome. Let me know if your up to doing a Guest Post on Mommies Point of View Please.

  5. Thank you Glenda for following my blog. And yes,I plan on visiting my family soon. I am sorry to hear about your daughter. I can't imagine losing any of my children. Thank you for your kind words. I would love to do a gues post.


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