Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Over Stimulated & Jet Lag

Sounds a bit like an oxymoron, doesn't it?

Home sweet home. 

I made it home yesterday after a very long flight.  I have jet lag.  I am way over stimulated, overwhelmed and exhausted emotionally.  I was back into mom mode within minutes of coming home.  It all finally caught up with me about 1am last night.  I am emotionally exhausted now.  I wasn’t able to think much, feel much while I was there in Ethiopia immersed in the day to day but now that I have had a few days of *western abundance* I am over stimulated and overwhelmed by.... 

Everything that we do. 

Everything that we have.

I was told I would probably feel this way when I returned.  And I do.  I look at all the options.  All the opportunity that we have and I almost get sick to my stomach.  We whine and moan because we can’t have this or that and think life isn’t fair because we can't keep up with The Jones.  Now grant it, I know we, most us anyways, work hard for what we do have but never the less, is it all really necessary?  All "they" want or rather need is water. 

I am now in reprioritizing mode yet trying to strike a balance which I know will be a difficult task but one that I feel certain we must do.

I want to live a more abundant life in the healthier sense of the word.  Not by accumulating things but rather building healthy and lasting relationships.  I want to give of myself and my family more so than we ever have.

Now the real work starts. 

My first to do is to find sponsors for Megaladi, the most poverty stricken village we visited in Ethiopia. 

Are you willing to help?

For $12.00 a month you can help transform a village to become self sustainable.  If you don't have an extra $12.00 per month in your budget, can you share my plea with others?

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  1. perfect. i hear you loud and clear, Jenn! it is way more overwhelming and emotionally taxing than i could have imagined. everything feels so inappropriate (or something??) oh and the jet lag. take care of yourself :)


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