Sunday, August 26, 2012

Baby Girl's First Haircut

She is not really a baby any longer.  If you want to get technical she is considered a toddler through most eyes; she is almost 2 1/2 years old.  But she is still my BABY.  The last one, I think that is what has made it so hard.  She has needed a haircut for quite awhile but I kept delaying it for my own selfish reasons until it was finally apparent...

She couldn't see, her bangs hung in your eyes unless you pulled them up in a pony and since Daddy gets her dressed in the morning and doesn't do ponies very well she often times walked around blind.  Always pushing her wispy bangs to the side only for them to fall again in her eyes in a second.

So we did it. We got her haircut.  It was much more of an ordeal than I thought it would be.  She cried. She wiggled.  She screamed.  She tossed and turned.  She was NOT getting in that chair.  Not even a lolly nor daddy sitting in the chair could convince her. 

And then mommy sat down, put her in her lap and she was like a new little girl.  All was well in the hair cutting world.  The stars indeed aligned. 

And she even looked like a *new* little girl when we left.  She is so proud now when people comment on her haircut.  She smiles and says "ahhhaaa" bashfully.


  1. Incredibly cute - ahhh girl babies

  2. Too cute! I must say, she's very lucky to have parents who get her first cut done by a professional! Mine was at the hands of my Dad ... armed with his home barber kit. It was NOT pretty! I think he inadvertently invented the asymmetrical cut style. LOL

  3. She looks soooo adorable!!!! I envy that you were able to go this long without a hair cut, we look like shaggy dogs over here!


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