Thursday, August 30, 2012

Oodles of Blackberries!

We are *swimming* in blackberries these days.  They are EVERYWHERE.  They are so luscious, juicy and sweet....

We eat them on Ice Cream. In and On cupcakes (thanks to my friend Shannon). Frozen all by their lonesome.

I plan on making some jam and cobbler this weekend with some.  Yummy!


A few tidbits about how to store your fresh berries:

1.  Always keep fresh berries in the fridge in a dry container but only for a couple days.

2.  Wash your berries, only when you are ready to use them otherwise they will turn to mush (unless freezing them) .

3.  If you are going to freeze them, wash them but dry them well. 

4.  To freeze them lay them out on wax paper or a cookie sheet, put them in the freezer until frozen and then transfer them into freezer bags. (This helps insure they are whole berries and not smushed berries in a baggy).

5.  When you are ready to use the frozen berries, no need to thaw them, put them directly into whatever you are preparing.

What are your favorite berries during the summer season?  What do you like to make with them?

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