Monday, August 27, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

It is late in the day and I finally made my menu plan for the week.  And I am already tired but I have to still go to the store with two young children in tow.  I know that is nothing for some, two kids....but typically I either go on the weekend and go it alone or have only one child to contend with.  This ought to be fun {insert sarcastic laugh here}.

For the most part the family meals that I plan for at home are  still vegetarian.  I have been incorporating a little bit of meat back in my diet when we go out at times, not much, but some.  Depending on what it is, meat wise, determines how I feel afterwards so I have been very careful not to over due it.  Nothing worse than spending half of your day in the bathroom, I know probably a little too much information, sorry.

Here is what I have planned for this week:


Church Picnic


"Faux" Vegetables N Dumplins (link is to my "Faux" Chicken Pot Pie so omit the chicken)


Herb Mac N Cheese
Green Salad


Back To School BBQ


Taco Bake (without meat)
Tortilla Chips


Rainbow Frittatas
Vanilla Yogurt w/Blackberries (from our yard)


TBA--Possible Date Night.

What are you cooking this week?  I am sure lots of delicious things?

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  1. MmmM - the Faux Vegetables and Dumplings sound good. I'm going to check that out!


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