Thursday, August 16, 2012

Just Plain Ol' UnAmerican

Apparently that is me! 

I am as American as they come and proud of it however I have to admit I did not watch but maybe an hour of the Olympics while it was on the last couple weeks and my husband just doesn't get it.

He took the day off of work to watch the opening ceremonies and every night he would come home from work and watch all the recaps til the wee hours of the morning, then wake up all groggy the next day.  This past Sunday night, he was up late again watching the closing ceremonies.

I don't tend to watch much tv unless Dora, Diego or Caillou are the main characters.  I don't have time and when I would have time at lets say about midnight, yeah I am sleeping.  Or trying to anyways.  Unless insomnia kicks in and then you can find me here blogging, sometimes.

Not too mention, why would I want to watch the Olympics when Yahoo (or other online organizations) ruined the outcome every time.  I would turn on the computer and BAM!  There were the results.  Then if I WAS to watch them; a bit anticlimactic, if you ask me.  No thank you.

I do however know that the US did dominate in the medals and of course I have seen tons of coverage after the fact of all the *stars* of the Games. 

Did you watch any of the Olympics?  What is your favorite sport?  Who is your favorite athlete?



  1. If you watched an hour of it, then you watched an hour more than I did. I probably would have watched some events if we got NBC, but we don't, so I didn't. I watched some clips from the opening ceremony on the computer, but only because i was at a friend's house.

  2. Me too! I barely saw anything. I caught some gymnastics but I had to DVR it and watch it fast when the kids were sleeping but that's it so I'm with you :)

    1. The only thing I watched was a few mins of the 400m race (I think) when Galen Rupp came in second (Eugene native) and some of the diving competition. Other than that, just bits and pieces of highlights on the news or what I saw on internet.


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