Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Confessions Of A Non Superwoman #22

1.  I am typing this blog post as my children eat dinner, without me.   Mommy really needed a time out after the 250th, "Dinner almost done, mommy" from my darling, sweet, very talkative 2 year old.

2.  My son, loves watermelon, loves, loves, loves it so much...that I found a rind in his room.  Not sure what I was doing when he snuck that in there at some point during the past two days.  Hmmm...Big fat fail on supervision skills.

3.  Yesterday, it was so nice outside, I splurged and bought a carton of DQ Dilly Bars to bring home for outdoor snack time.  Hayden, he had two.  I let him.  Not sure what possessed me to do that.  Maybe the whining and crying made me crack. Yup.  I was tired.of.the.whining.and.crying.  I gave in.  I know, I did a bad, bad thing.

4.  I have pictures in a box that I have yet to hang up or display.  The box is sitting in the living room still.  We have lived here since mid May so plenty of time, right? 

5.  Clothes washing, apparently not my strong point lately....a couple things have come out of the washer with blue spots.  Maybe because of the blue shorts I was anxious to wash to wear?  My bad.

Where is my maid, my butler, my chauffeur, my chef, my nanny for that matter when I need them?  If you could choose one of those, cost not being an issue, what would you choose and why?  Drop me a comment.



  1. We went to Coldstone this week and we all ate too much way to close to bedtime. Fail.

  2. Love the confessions! Thanks for being "real" lol
    Gosh - I would have to say chef, if I can only pick one. it would be awesome to have someone else prepare my meals for us. Heavenly!

  3. Definitly a maid! I hate cleaning, but I also hate living in mess, so how is that working out? not so great!

  4. I would opt maid. i love to cook just not a fan of cleaning up my mess.


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