Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And After All That....

It was a HOAX.  Are you kidding me?  This is a follow up post to my Elbow.Elbow.Wrist.Wrist post where I discussed my feelings about the mother in California who injected her daughter with Botox.

And now she is saying it was a HOAX?  First off why would you inject Botox into your child in the first place but now secondly why would you lie about?  I don't know which makes me more mad at this point.  Both are ridiculous! 

From what I have read is that she was paid $200.00 to fabricate the story to The Sun.  I mean c'mon if she needed the money that bad, she could have gone and donated plasma a few times or pawned something for that matter.  Seriously? And she even got her daughter to lie about it.

True or Hoax I am still appalled on so many levels. 

Way to be a good role model, Mom.

Sherry Upton or Kerry Campbell, whatever your name is, you will not be winning the Mother of the Year award that is for certain.

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