Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Killer Deal?

I know you have seen them...They are popping up like a bag of Orville Redenbacher's  in the microwave...

Pop, Pop, Pop...

Every time you turn around there is a new one.  Google just released its own: 

Google Offers

There is...

Facebook Deals
Gaggle of Chicks

You get the point.  They're every where!  Trying to get *you* to buy one of the *hot* deals TODAY because of course there is a limited quantity and the deal expires soon.  Most of the sites even have have a countdown showing you how long you have to purchase.  Kinda like the QVC of the internet...But wait, theres more! 

So here is something to ponder: how do you know if you are really getting a *killer* deal?

Honestly, you don't unless you have already done the legwork pricing out that massage that you probably wouldn't have bought had it not been on the deal site. 

Or that Kayaking lesson.  Again, were you really already looking for those deals?  I would guess, often times, probably not. 

But that is the power of good marketing.  Making consumers think that they are getting a *killer* deal on something they were not originally going to buy but because it is a *killer* deal (when really it is the exact opposite), they buy it.  Following me?

Next time before purchasing from a daily deal site do your homework.  Ask yourself a few simple questions.

1) Would I have bought this item had it not been on the daily deal site?

2)  What is the price of this item without buying on the daily deal site while under pressure to purchase before time runs out and the limited quantities cease to exist? 

3) Have you checked the direct sellers website for current pricing?

4) You can also visit, type in the company's website for a snapshot of the prices, weeks, months, even years prior to help determine if the deal really is a deal or a facade.

Don't be taken for a ride. 

You work too darn hard for your Jackson's or Grants or Benjamin's to part with them so easily. 

Be an educated consumer.

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