Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Out With A Bang

Mothers Day started off serene and peaceful.  T made me breakfast which was a delightful surprise and very nice.  I got a few cards from the kiddos and of course lots of hugs & kisses from everyone.

I ended up skipping church to hang out with Miss K who still wasn't feeling the greatest so we were able to just lounge around for a couple hours.  That was nice.  Just her and I hanging out.  She fell back to sleep in my arms while I watched Home Made Simple (love that show!) and Hungry Girl

Then upon the return of the troops I was off to have a couple hours of me time.  Yah!  I went and got a pedicure.  One of my monthly (or so) indulgences.  I bought my People Magazine (double issue thank you) and sat back relaxed while soaking my pigs in the bath.  So relaxing. 

Later in the afternoon since I hadn't gone shopping yet and it was pushing 4 or so we decided to go out to dinner.  Ha!  What the heck were we thinking.  Everyone and their *mothers* were out.  We literally made a complete circle around our city, stopped at several restaurants along the way...detoured when the line was out the door and then ended up back at Old Chicago which is about a mile away from our house!  Doh! 

It was actually pretty slow there so that was inviting.  No wait.  And they have the best and I really mean the best Artichoke Dip.  A  stromboli, a personal pizza, kids hamgabur (that's how Beanpoles says it) and a calzone later we headed back home.

This is where the fun really began.  I knew that the day was just way too quiet for our household.

As I was walking out of our bedroom I couldn't help but notice T's bedroom door slightly open and he was outside playing basketball which meant only one thing....Beanpole was in his room.  As I tip toed to the door, slowly opened it, Beanpole saw me and bailed down the hall as fast as his little feet could carry him.  He quickly made a bee line to the back door and into the back yard.

A few minutes later T came in to get his Ipod, his new Ipod that he bought himself with money he earned/saved over the past couple months.  Lo and behold it was nowhere to be found.  T was certain he had left it on the floor since he was sitting there a little while ago playing a video game and now it was gone!  Missing!

Light bulb goes off...."I bet Beanpole took it," I shout!  I should have figured that to begin with since last week he got into my wallet and my debit card is still missing.  I kinda chuckled and said, "I bet when we find the Ipod, we will find my debit card, too."

So off we went to hunt for the Ipod in the backyard, traipsing from one end of the yard to the other.  Oh and by the way, it was pouring down rain (that should be of no surprise since we live in Oregon).   We looked everywhere in our back yard.  I felt like we were in a formal search party combing every inch of the backyard in precision.  Walking the perimeter leaving no ground unturned. We even thought maybe he chucked it over the fence since I was certain he must have had it when he bailed down the hall so quickly when I caught him in the room.

But nothing.  While the boys were out still looking in the back yard, in the rain, getting darker by the minute I started tearing the house apart.  Maybe he chucked it somewhere else on his way out, I thought.  He sometimes does that when he gets caught with something.  He will just throw it off to the side and I will find things completely out of place such as my mascara in the bin of blocks or the toenail clippers in his box of cars.  (I know kinda gross but he for some reason always has the toenail clippers).

About an hour or so into it, after a few moments of complete insanity, really I was getting I-R-R-I-T-A-T-E-D to be blunt that Beanpole would have taken his Ipod, outside, in the rain and hid  it some where.  And he was not confessing to it nor helping us determine where it was.  I even started *trying* to bribe him with money, candy, ice cream, to no avail.

I really was thinking it was a lost cause and poor T his hard earned money, lost in the backyard.  Even if we find it I thought, it would be soaked from the rain so it probably wouldn't work anyways.


I was actually getting ready to go next door to our neighbors and ask to look in their back yard when the husband hollers, "Thank you Jesus, found it!"  I was still outside so it was obviously not out there. 

I rushed in, in utter disbelief, "Where was it?"

"In my drawer," T says. 

"What?" I say as I am clinching my teeth. 

"It was in your drawer this whole time?  Are you kidding me?  So we have just spent the last hour or so looking for your Ipod that was dry, in your drawer the whole time? And we  (or I initially) thought that Beanpole took it and hid it outside. 

"Yes" he says.  The maddening part of this was that early on in the search we asked that he go in and turn his room upside down and inside out to look for it.  He said he did and it was not in there.

In the end, in all of our defence, Beanpole did get a hold of it and was the one that stashed it in the drawer because we were confident that it was originally on the floor next to where T was sitting earlier in the evening. 

Image Courtesy of Apple

I am just glad we finally found it.

New Rule Of The House:  Put Ipod up in the closet when not using so Beanpole doesn't snatch it.  And if there is a next time, I am not spending over an hour looking for it, outside!  You are on your own!

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  1. Funny story! My most exciting Mother's Day was when I was pregnant with my little one and my husband locked us out of the house. We had to wait outside for his sister to bring the spare to let us back in. Sounds like you had a nice day overall. Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Haha, what an adventure! I'm glad you found the iPod! I would be lost without my Rupert! (That's my iPod's name. Hehe.)


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