Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What's The Big Deal?

With the ever popularity of piercings, tattoos, gauges, etc these days one would think that a "colored" weave in one's hair is minor.

Apparently, not to my daughters employer (and/or a disgruntled employee that "turned" her in for breaking the dress code).  She works as a cashier at a local grocery store and actually received several compliments from customers about her new addition to her hair.

See how cute they are:

Yes, she is front line with customers and should be "conservative" however I happen to think this is silly.  I shop at the store she works at and if she is getting called in for this, they should look at some of the other employees with regard to how they present themselves in general.  I don't mean to judge but there are many of woman that have make up caked on and/or no make up on when they should.  Many of the men wear short sleeve shirts and have visible tattoos.  Many of the employees have visible piercings. 

This just seems petty that one of her managers called her in to discuss this.  I mean seriously.  She has been employed at this store for going on 3 years.  Has been a loyal and dependable employee.  Never gets into trouble, never calls in sick, always willing to pick up extra shifts when called, etc and they want to call her out for this?

Luckily she talked to another manager that essentially overruled the other one.  Thank goodness because she just had it done and it cost her a bit so it would have been a waste of time and money.

What do you think?  Do you think that this is "too much" for a front line cashier?

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  1. I understand the need for dress codes. Someone else might take something much too far for that particular type of store. However, I think your daughter's braids are subtle and adorable. Really cute!

  2. I think the braids are very appropriate...not outlandish at all...and they blend very well with her hair...and hello? super cute!
    people need to chill out...

  3. I think your daughter's hair is beautiful! Take it from me, I am Mrs. Conservative. But those braids are really pretty. I bet the other employee who turned her in is just jealous!

  4. That's crazy! I think it's really cute!

  5. I know that there are policies like, having natural hair color, no sleeve tattoos (tattoos are okay to be shown) and no lip,eyebrow or gauges. I do think they are cute and am glad she gets to keep them! There are some of those people that like to complain about anything and everything!

  6. No! I do not that is so cute! I cannot even dream that she was called in on that. As mentioned in your blog the appearance of many others. There are things that I would diffaintly call in on but that is surely not one of them. Way to cute. May I ask how much you had to pay. As bieng in the business Im always courious of the pricing out there. I dont do them but have been asked where to referr. Thanks.


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