Thursday, May 12, 2011

On The Downhill

I am slowly creeping closer to 40.

My birthday is today and I am now offically closer to 40 than 30.  Do the math...

How did that happen? 

It seems like only yesterday that I was turning 21.  Ha!   I can barely remember my 21st birthday and that is not necessarily a *good* thing.  They say memory is the first thing that goes, right?  Although, I honestly think in this case it is one of those memories that you want to forget and I have worked hard to *forget*.  Young and dumb, you know how it goes. 

Anywho, leave it to my favorite magazine Real Simple to put getting older into perspective. 

I ran across an article in this months edition about the "5 Great Things About Getting Older" and it actually made me feel a *little* bit better about this aging thing. 

1.  You'll be happier. 

I am much happier, more settled over the past couple years as I have ever been.

2. Wise decisions will come more easy. 

With age, comes life experience, therefore decisions I do think are easier to make and the right decisions.  Take the road less traveled and that will make all the difference.

3. The fashion police will be off your back. 

Thank god! I am a fashion disaster most of the time (and proud of  I tend to dance to my own music, not care much about what others think and wear black most often.  No, I am not attending funerals everyday but as you know *black* is slimming and these days I can use all the extra help I can get.

4. You'll know who you are. 

Not sure I agree with his wholeheartedly since I am still what I consider a work in progress; under construction if you will.

5. You'll have time on your hands. 

Not yet but maybe in 17 yrs!  Extra time is so overrated.

Now keep in mind this article is slanted a bit towards *senior citizen* age however it still made me feel better about getting older.  If you can't apply it today at least you have something to look forward to, right?

Happy "xx" Birthday to me.  How old am I?

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