Sunday, May 29, 2011

What I'm Lovin

In light of my recent Cheese Grater mishap, I went on a search yesterday for a bigger and badder Cheese Grater but instead came home with this:

A corn zipper!  How cool is this?  No more slicing off my finger trying to run the knife down the corn on the cob to get the kernels off.  I found this at Marshalls yesterday for $6.99!

I bought one of these at Target a few weeks ago on clearance and it rocks!  It is on my wall right next to my desk and helps keep our family organized:

A Peel and Stick. Dry Erase Monthly Calendar by Wall Pops.  It is *awesome*.

We went *thrifting* on Sunday after church and I bought several new to me books, found a few cute outfits for Miss K (Gymboree outfits at that) and a cute little rooster "Welcome to Our Home" sign for my MIL. (She collects anything and everything with roosters).

Loving the thrift stores....

And finally, lovin me some Applebees.  We went there for dinner Saturday night.   I wasn't so sure however that I was lovin the new jello shots offered in the family section.  They actually had a menu listing all the flavors plastered on the table (no pun intended).

I think it being mentioned/advertised/pushed in the bar area is acceptable since it is the bar but  I thought Appelebees was suppose to be "No place like the neighborhood".  I don't know about your neighborhood but my neighborhood isn't serving up jello shots in the family section.  And in light of their recent publicity about a server serving alcohol to a toddler instead of apple juice I found this a bit over the top and even insensitive.

They are still offering up the 2 for $20 though so couldn't pass that up.  We didn't have our toddler there and probably won't anytime soon.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and have a wonderful Memorial Day! Remember to take some time to think about those you have loved and lost throughout the years. 


  1. Whoooooa. A little while ago I read on a blog, that the author had been using potato peelers to scrape the dead skin off her foot.

    When I first saw the corn peeler, I was thinking you were that author, and I'm glad to realize you aren't!

  2. I found that peel & stick calendar @ Target too and LOVE it!!

    Over from today's Follow Me Friday blog hop. Have a great weekend!


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